Amazon’s poor pay, terrible working conditions and tax avoidance are relatively well documented. Less spoken of are Amazon’s links to Neo-Nazism or the selling of Neo-Nazi merchandise by the big internet companies. Hadas Thier raised Amazon’s relationship with Neo-Nazis at their German distribution centre:

Here, fast moving conveyor belts and…

Class-Division and Racism in Ireland

Justice for George Nkencho demonstration in Blanchardstown, Dublin

A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on. That cliché seems to define much of the dangerous misinformation that has spread on social media around the shooting of George Nkencho.

Lock-down and Social Media

In many ways, the issue has been a social media phenomenon. “Social” media…

Many people were more enamoured by Sanders’ appearance than by the pomp and ceremony around Biden.

Biden’s administration will “bring Americans together”. That was the main message of his inaugural speech. His idealism is based on the hope that progressive workers and reactionary petty-capitalists will somehow conform to his interpretation of “common sense”; that we will all learn to get-along together. There was no elaboration of…

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Articles in 1,000 words or less, from a worker’s perspective.

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